What is community tourism?

For RasRobeenTours community participation in tourism is of high importance. We believe that tourism can give communities direct and indirect benefits but also make communities support the development of tourism. Community Based Tourism is a form of Sustainable Tourism that takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account. It allows tourists to connect closely to the local community and gives visitors an authentic experience while ensuring full involvement of the community into the tourism process. Community tourism does not only encourage cross-cultural understanding between the host and the visitor but more importantly enhances the livelihoods of the community and leads to cultural conservation and environmental protection.

Benefits for the community:

  • • Brings recognition and attention of tourism to the community
    • Builds community management organizations and diversify economic activity in the community
    • Adds values to a communities economy by generating jobs and direct income
    • Raising living standards and quality of life of the community residents
    • Enhance entrepreneurial skills and encourages the involvement of women
    • Conservation of natural resources and culture
    • Promotes the sense of community pride because residents observe tourists appreciating their culture and environment.


Benefits for the tourist:

• Experiences authentic local cultural traditions and way of living of the community
• Learns about the community through interaction with local residents and a local guide
• Increases awareness about the destination and the community
• Gets a deeper connection to the destination
• Supports the community’s economy and knows exactly where its money will go


Responsible Travelling:

We encourage our clients to travel responsibly and to follow the below mentioned recommendations:

• Do not drop litter anywhere especially not in National Parks and rural areas.

• Do not feed wildlife as it changes the animals’ natural behavior.
• Do not encourage begging because it might spoil the tourism experience for future tourists.
• Be aware that parts of Ethiopia suffer from water shortage. Try not to waste water by letting taps and shower run unnecessarily and keep the shower short.
• Dress respectably. Ethiopia is a conservative country and especially in Muslim communities or when entering a church or mosque you should cover your legs, shoulders and midriffs.
• Value and respect the local society, culture, and religious values.
• Show interest by learning some basic words of the local language.
• Choose community tours where the local residents are active participants of the tourism development. Sustainable tourism should empower the communities and involve cultural exchanges.