Fly off and discover the delight of the Abyssinian high plateaus from above. RasRobeenTours gives you the opportunity to combine Ethiopia’s cultural and historical highlights with the ultimate adventure of paragliding.


Even though Ethiopia is not yet very well known for Paragliding, flyers have been coming for more than 10 years to explore the country’s spectacular scenery and landscapes providing great-speed flying potential above large clear fields, sleep sloping terrain, canyons and numerous flying sites.


We are cooperating with very experienced guides to combine cultural, historical and paragliding destinations. Our tour guides are specialized in accessing sites for paragliding, dealing with local authorities and will ensure that you have a well organized trip.


Level required: Our staff has vast knowledge of the country and its flying sites; however none of them are paraglide pilots. Thus travellers that wish to paraglide need to have a brevet of confirmed or equivalent pilot, and master techniques of landing to all types of possible relief. For those wishing for guided tours by professional European pilots, please contact us.


Security: Rescue helicopter are available from Addis Ababa and Hawasa

Best time for flying: December until February.



Flying sites:


Degame:                   Altitude: 3,500m

                                Take off: sloping take-off in all direction

                                Landing: everywhere


Debre Libanos:          Altitude: 2,500m canyon

                                Take off: sloping, different launching

                                Landing: top landing


Dundee Lake:            Altitude:  3,200m dormant volcano lake

                                Take off: any direction

                                Landing: everywhere


Gashena                   Altitude: 3,000m

                                Take off: different launching, road access

                                Landing: bomb-out fields, flights to Lalibela (30km) possible


Lalibela:                    Altitude: 3,000m

                                Take off: west-facing cliff take off, 1 hour hike

                                Landing: near town, flight to Gashena (30km) possible


Mt. Guna                   Altitude: 4,200m mountain

                                Take off: launches in all directions, facing in all directions, few hours walk

                                Landing: plentiful landing areas


Please contact RasRobeenTours so that we can offer you an itinerary with the perfect mix of paragliding and sightseeing.

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