Study tips

Study Tips

RasRobeenTours is experienced in offering tailor-made study trips for university students and other groups that have special interests.

Ethiopia offers various topics that should be highly interesting for students of the following studies:

Agriculture: More than 90% of the Ethiopian population lives in the rural areas and is completely dependent on agriculture. Site visits to farms or coffee plantations can be organized. Ethiopia also has one of the highest concentration of livestock in Africa and visits to dairy farms might be interesting as well.

Anthropology: Ethiopia consists of more than 100 ethnic groups and not only the culture and language of the people of the South Omo Valley are worth studying.

Development Studies: Many western countries are very active in Ethiopian development and work intensively in rural areas to improve the livelihood of the local people. Site visits to local projects from international development organizations can be organized as well as talks with people involved in these projects.

Geology: Hosting the Great Rift Valley and the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia is a haven for geologists. An active volcano, Ert’Ale in the Danakil Dessert, can be visited.

Political Sciences: Especially the Christian Orthodox Church is very unique to Ethiopia and Africa in general. Christians and Muslims live very peacefully together in this country and religious conflicts are highly unlikely, however have been taken place in the past. There are smaller groups of Protestant Christians as well as Jews, the so called Falashas.

Please contact us directly and let us know what interest you and your group. We will do our best to offer you the most suitable itinerary.

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I discovered the tribes and landscapes of southern Ethiopia thanks to RasRobeen Tours — it was fantastic! With his local contacts and knowledge of the area, Robby made the trip worry-free and packed it with vivid experiences.
Peter C. from USA went to the South with RasRobeen Tours in Dec 2012. View More

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