Zwei Allgäuer unterwegs mit RasRobeen Tours auf den Dächern Afrikas – Mei oh mei, da weiß er vor lauter Kameras und Daumen hoch ja noch gar nicht wie ihm geschieht, unserm lieben Guard. Die “Simien Mountains” – ein Traum auf über 4,000m Höhe waren diesmal unser Ziel auf unserer Entdeckungsreise durch Äthiopien. Nach sehr sehr unkomplizierter Organisation von Sarah und Robi (danke!!) gings also auf nach Gondar in den Norden, wo unsere Reise beginnen sollte. Mit Koch, Hilfskoch, Guards, einem Guide und vielen kleinen anderen Helferlein geht es also ab in den Norden in die Simien Berge. Wichtigstes zu beachten war von vornherein eigentlich nur: Nase einschmieren 🙂 Alles andere – ein Erfolgsgarant laut unseren Freunden. Aber das was uns dort auf solchen Höhen und unglaublichen Landschaften erwartet hat, war viel mehr als unglaublich und auch viel mehr als das, was wir uns vorgestellt haben. Und man muss hier mal kritisch bedenken, dass wir zwei Allgäuer sind und ja “Berge” kennen…Motto des Trips war mit Sonnenuntergang ins Bett und mit der Sonne wieder frisch und munter aufstehen. Gott sei Dank hat uns nicht nur das Handynetz sondern auch der Handyakku schnell verlassen – aber 4 Tage ohne jegliches auf die Uhr schauen und ohne warme Dusche, Gummibärchen und Schoki war schon mehr als ungewohnt. Das Höhenfieber hat uns aber nicht ganz zu fassen gekriegt, wurden wir doch von dem mitreisenden Koch so verwöhnt. Nach durchschnittlich 8 Stunden Tagestouren solche Abendessen aufgetischt zu bekommen war für uns immer und immer wieder Gesprächsthema Nummer 1. Egal ob frisch gewürzte Gemüsesuppen, Thai-Curry oder frische und gerade selbstgemachte Pancakes zum Frühstück mit Nutella!!! war so was von surreal und passte zur manch sprachlosen Situationen dieses tollen Trips – DANKE! Danke Sarah – Danke Robi, nicht nur seit ihr beiden ein tolles Team, sondern auch all eure Kontakte im fernen Norden die diesen Trip unvergesslich machten!

Felix B. und Vincent M. from Germany traveled with RasRobeenTours to the Simien Mountains in March 2013

Salamno Robi, we had such good times traveling the North together, thanks again! Looking at the pictures from the South makes me want to come back to Ethiopia even more than before.

Bettina P. from Germany went to Northern Ethiopia with RasRobeenTours in December 2012

My boyfriend and I went on an eight-day trip to the Ethiopian south with RasRobeenTours last December 2012. It was fantastic. Robi took us to nice viewing spots in Arba Minch and the Dorze village and put us in the care of high quality guides who were knowledgeable about areas we were visiting. The car we took was new with a good sound system (very important when you are spending 8+ hours in a car!) and of very good quality. Robi himself was easy-going, entertaining, generous and genuinely eager to share different aspects of Ethiopian tradition and culture with everyone in the group. He was also an adaptive tour guide and was open to changing our itinerary and plans according to what the group wanted. Since our tour was over New Years, he also took us to a delicious dinner buffet at nice lodge and we all slept in outdoor tents with clean facilities. When we returned to Addis, he showed us around town and took us to a good chat bet to experience the local culture with his friends. Making the group happy and comfortable seemed to be RasRobeen’s highest priority, and I really appreciated that. All in all an incredible week that I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in seeing the real Southern Ethiopia with a professional, fun and resourceful company like RasRobeenTours! Also, we really enjoyed the time with the driver, Ase. Try to have him take you around. He is great! Thanks guys!

Courtney H. from USA went to the South Omo Valley with RasRobeenTours in December 2012

Robi & RasRobeenTours arranged a great 6-day trip to Bahir Dar, Gonder and Lalibela for my family and me. It was a really really great trip, very well-planned and Robi was an excellent guide and such good company! Blue Nile Falls, monasteries on Lake Bahir Dar, castles in Gonder, galada baboons in Simien Mountains, amazing rock-hewn churches in Lalibela and dancing and honeywine at the tej bet! A packed programme, that still never felt like too much but was just enjoyable and stress-free. Definitely a fantastic introduction to this beautiful country for my family on their first visit to Ethiopia – it surely convinced them to come back for more! I highly recommend RasRobeenTours as a great tour company for any travelers to Ethiopia and will not hesitate to use RasRobeenTours myself for any future Ethiopian adventures!

Nynne W. from Denmark went to the North with RasRobeenTours in December 2012

I discovered the tribes and landscapes of southern Ethiopia thanks to RasRobeenTours – it was fantastic! With his local contacts and knowledge of the area, Robi made the trip worry-free and packed it with vivid experiences. I carry many great memories of that trip with me and recommend the journey to everyone who wants to discover something unique.

Peter C. from USA went to the South with RasRobeenTours in December 2012

I’ve been on tour with Robi for a week last year. And it was awesome!! He knows so many people and wonderful special places, that it became an unforgettable trip through an incredible country. He always had a smile in his face and took care of us, our needs and wishes. Someday, I will visit Ethiopia again and I hope I can do the next trip with Robi on my side too! Thanks again to you, Robi!

Rosa L. from Germany went to the South with RasRobeenTours in April 2012

I spent a lot of my time in Asia, mainly in Korea. So it was more than overdue to see something else and I had the enormous luck that my closest friend Sarah found her way to Ethiopia. So I followed her call and I found amazing beauty, kindness and adventure. Not least because of Robi and his RasRobeenTours! I do not exaggerate when I say that I had the time of my life!! Going on a trip with Robi means getting an incomparable inside view of the country and the culture. It feels like he knows every single person and if not than definitely after the first few words. He make things work which seems to be impossible. Your car breaks down, the water somewhere in the outback is not running, you panic because of something… no worries with Robi. Because as he taught me: “We are a land full of problems. That is why for us it is always noooo problem! Shikeryelem!” I will always come back!

Yori S. from Germany traveled to the South of Ethiopia with RasRobeenTours in April 2012

We had a really great time in the Omo Valley, tripping from one place to the next with wonderful rides, amazing views, great encounters. Robi didn’t just get us a good driver, a good car, and good guidance, he got all the ideas and kind contacts to adapt to whatever it is that you’d like to see or do on the way, to find a lovely place to stay when everything’s actually booked out, or simply give you an extraordinary time to remember. Thanks for that and good luck with the business!

Nora L. from Germany traveled to the South Omo Valley with RasRobeenTours in April 2012

Unvergleichlich toll unsere Jeep-Tour in den landschaftlich so schön wie abwechslungsreichen Norden Äthiopiens. 10 Tage….. Bahir Dar am Tana See, die Fälle des Blauen Nil, die berühmte äthiopische Königsstadt Gondar, die Felsenkirchen von Lalibela, dann die Erholung in der Lodge of Gheralta. Eine super Tour hat Robi fuer uns organisiert.

Rita K. from Germany traveled for 10 days to the North of Ethiopia with RasRobeenTours in November 2011

Après un superbe voyage dans la vallée de l’Omo en 2011, Ras Robeen Tours est définitivement une référence incontournable. Il vous fera vivre, expérimenter, respirer l’ambiance de la région, et pas seulement à vous faire voir. Robi s’adapte très facilement. Il a cette qualité de comprendre quel type de profil vous êtes, il adapte même en cours de route si vous insistez sur tel ou tel point et selon les contraintes bien sûr. N’hésitez pas à lui faire part de vos désirs. Il connaît très bien la région, grâce à lui, nous avons pu nous rendre à certains endroits sans aucun touriste aucun. Sans dire que c’était “authentique”, mot plutôt galvaudé, c’est une expérience unique que vous allez vivre dans une région qui, il y a encore cinquante ans, ne savait pas qu’elle appartenait à ce grand pays qu’est l’Ethiopie. La vallée du rift telle que vous ne l’imaginez pas!

Marine B. from France traveled with RasRobeenTours to the South in July 2011

I went to Harare in eastern Ethiopia with RasRobeenTours. It was a magical journey as entering the city throws you right in the middle of the Muslim part of the country. We visited traditional houses that had beautiful wall decorations, got our hands painted with henna by a Somali women (like young brides do before their wedding, causing some confusion among the men who saw us afterwards). But my highlight was the evening tour to feed the hyenas just outside the city walls. Being aware that these creatures can easily bite your head into two pieces, it is an extra thrill to get so close to them and feeding them from a stick in your mouth. Truly an experience you won’t forget!!! Thank you Robi for such an awesome travel time in this amazing and diverse country!

Grit H. from Germany traveled to Eastern Ethiopia with RasRobeenTours in July 2011

I am not sure about you, but if I am going traveling, I want to feel the vibe of a country, its people and its environment and feel like being a part of it, even if it’s just for a short time. When we did a tour together with Robi to the Omo Valley, we had this feeling and therefore had one of the greatest experiences in our lives. When we drove through the South of Ethiopia, we were not a touristy group doing sightseeing; we were good friends of Robi, which was proudly showing his country to us! I am very much looking forward to our next trip on the roof of a Toyota Land Cruiser!

Klaus M. from Germany traveled with RasRobeenTours to the South Omo Valley in July 2011

I traveled with Robi for about 4 weeks some two years ago – through the Rift Valley, the Omo valley and the Afar region, mainly. I don’t know what I will remember most: the Rift Valley’s dramatic sceneries; the Erta Ale volcano erupting in the night; a tsetse flies attack in Nech Sar national park; Subsaharan Africa’s oldest standing temple; drinking fresh (cow) blood in a Hamar village; an old man in Turmi who, as it turned out after a few late-night St-George beers, had been close friends with Obama’s father in Kenya; sleeping on a cow skin in a Mursi village; sleeping in Ethiopia’s last Emperor’s bed in Awash; ostriches running on the horizon; an oryx antelope staring at us in Awassa; Hamar bull-jumping ceremonies; Mursi lip-plates; the Highlands’ blond fields of tef; injera; ritual whipping; Madame Kiki’s smile… but one thing I know for sure: I had the greatest time ever. In fact, I decided that 4 weeks in Ethiopia were not enough… and here I am again in Addis Ababa – settling here for good, this time. Travel with Robi. Seriously. You’ll have the time of your life.

Jean-Baptiste F. from France traveled with RasRobeenTours to the North, the Danakil Depression and the South in 2010

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I discovered the tribes and landscapes of southern Ethiopia thanks to RasRobeen Tours — it was fantastic! With his local contacts and knowledge of the area, Robby made the trip worry-free and packed it with vivid experiences.
Peter C. from USA went to the South with RasRobeen Tours in Dec 2012. View More

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